RE Big, Black & Scary


Original Analysis: Funny how our big, black, aggressive men don’t scare you or make you ‘fear for your life’ when they’re dribbling, catching, or throwing balls for your entertainment.

Reality: Well, plenty of ‘your’ big, black, aggressive men DO scare — the people whom they beat rape terrorize murder. But on related note, I don’t blame Ray Rice, Ray Mcdonald, Jonathan Dwyer, Steven Jackson ETC ETC ETC: beating the fuck out of women is a great idea — ESPECIALLY when the women are pregnant.

Back to sleep, u bichass racist cowards.

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#PostRacialDiversity + @Lesdoggg = #EmmysSoRetarded

post-racial-diversity-featuring-lesdoggg-math-formula post-racial-diversity-featuring-lesdoggg

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Real Man: not even once (Miriama Kunkelova vs Amy Schumer)


Losers want Russian Pornstar Miriama Kunkelova

a REAL MAN wants ‘comedian’ Amy Schumer

not even once

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Celebrate Rape Culture on National Rape Day


Hi fellow rape lovers! Tomorrow is Rape Day! Let’s join together on the upcoming National Rape Celebration Day for our Rape Culture, and let’s push for a law to add an 8th day to the week: Rape Day!

…because ‘rape culture’ is obviously not just a sexist, anti-male (misandrist) lie by feminazis to create hatred and fear of men, in order to control weak, stupid women…

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Support violent acts against women


Most things in life will come and go but the three most important things will remain the same forever:
1. Eat Scabs
2. Drink Snot
3. Support the Violence Against Women Act,
by supporting* violent acts against women

*otherwise misandrist funding for VAWA will stop!

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NEVER let anyone make you doubt blah blah blah


“You can’t help who you love!” -John Wayne Gacy, homosexual pedophile

“You have enemies? Good. Then you’ve stood for something.” -Jeffrey Dahmer, cannibal

“If you’re doing what you love, then f*ck the haters!” -Hitler

“NEVER let anyone make you doubt blah blah blah” -pitiful losers

“If you enjoy quotes that are nothing but desperate attempts at self-esteem & self-validation, quotes that can apply to anyone who likes themselves more than they like reason, then you are a pitiful loser.”
-Russ “handsome, hung & humble” Lindquist

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Nipples & Toilets, Anarchy & Transcendence

Swallowed, in seas of celebrities,
usured, by utopian lures,
mired, in sweet belied beliefs,
reality endures.

Nothing natural
in candor for candor’s sake,
nor modesty for its own,
no inherent value
to a nation state
nor to “to each, their own”.

Fitting tools line culture’s shed,
the fitful fondly shed, bemoaned
by laws else themselves eventually bled,
to free the light not shone.

Purest thought oft got alone,
then sharpened by the rest,
patiently cede sparingly
seeds beating through chest.

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Why she earns less than him


Every setting is just a social auction-block, where she proudly begs for attention from the best male she can attract.

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Who Runs The World? GIRLZ!


Who Runs The World? GIRLZ!…with their pie-charts…and their digital style….
….at least according to insane people, including a certain Puerto Rican, who was heard to remark:

“Funny how women who are ‘intelligent’ have a facebook full of guys who regularly comment on her posts, so they have a fertile environment where discussion can flourish and yet they are far too often dictators who delete whatever comment is ‘conflicting’.”

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50 shades of slithering hedonism


a shade of caging

…then the patriarchs propped up suffragettes, providing the she-citizens a privilege to vote, provided they vote for the military conscription of men; and the patriarchs greatly inflated the privileges & prestige of each she-citizen generally, as long as she used her imaginary social-power either to shame men into war, or to shame men into shaming men into war, or else she kept quiet. Tyrants came to cage and conscript low men, and the suffragettes didn’t care, because they were slithering hedonistic jingoes.

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