Humanity vs commodity (feat. attractive homosexuals)

In our culture, homosexual men and women are generally more attractive–particularly more happy and fun–than are heterosexuals.

Simply, our culture has gotten out of hand, poisoning, with aimless conflict and competition, the minds of complicit heterosexual men and women, priming them all for, among other fetid things, purchasing pointless products and proudly participating in eugenics and overall population-control.  Homosexuals, for the most part, forgo those poisons. To be sure, when they partake in the social-poisons, they too rot.  Still, since they typically avoid the social-poisons, homosexuals typically are overall happier, funner–more attractive people than are heterosexuals, in our culture.  To be fair, though, the bar is pretty low.

What follows are two respective analyses of when heterosexuals, like so many diseased baboons, try to infiltrate homosexual culture.

When heterosexual women worship homosexual men

As any tedious fag-hag will tell you: “homosexual guys are just so much funner, happier and better than ‘regular’ guys!”  Ok.  Think an inch further, tedious fag-hag: why do you suppose homosexual men are so much funner and happier than straight men?  Here is a hint: if there is a huge difference between the happiness and funness of straight guys vs gay guys then we should look at the obvious variable: women.

Gay men, with the exception of tedious, “queeny” faggots, reject cosigning the idiocy of our culture’s heterosexual women (including tedious fag-hags).  Then what happens?  The man becomes immensely happier and funner than a doomed heterosexual man, who stays stuck in his anything-to-please-her hamster wheel.  The homo is happier because he does not have one of our culture’s women (aka a cloppy spiritual-cripple) clung to him like a social-remora.

And guess what: even those annoying heterosexual sports- and fishing-enthusiast could have the same happy, fun glow of a gay guy, if only the tedious heterosexual distanced himself from the social-mandate that he waste his life pretending our culture’s women are worth chasing.

When “lesbians” forgo the crippling pedestals of heterosexualism

For a woman or girl in our culture, nothing can raise her self-esteem quite like turning her back on our culture’s poisonous perspective towards women.  Whether it’s shaving, painting, or proudly wallowing in stupidity–our culture has put countless spins on foot-binding, and I applaud and encourage women to give up on the tedium of being a marketing-gimmick for sexually retarded men, even if it means turning to homosexuality–forget these heterosexual faggots.

Many times, I’ve been immensely attracted to a woman, only to discover later that she is “homosexual.”  Well fair enough, I say–I can certainly appreciate a woman for more than her holes.  Still, I would prefer those women to reject all the crippling of our culture, without thinking she must forgo heterosexuality: just stop passively cosigning the bullshit of hyper-heterosexual men, and that would be enough. You do not necessarily need to choose homosexuality.  And yes: homosexuality is a choice (and so is heterosexuality).

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